October is the month for Uganda’s national birding day events 2014


Though still 9 months away, preparations are already well under way to once again celebrate Uganda’s rich natural heritage and in particular the country’s birdlife with another edition of the National Birding Day.

The 2014 event will be spread in fact over three days in October, featuring the Big Birding Day and the Birding Festival. The main birding day will again be a 24 hour event, from midnight to midnight, to spot birds or identify them by their calls and as Uganda has made 2014 the year of birding, Nature Uganda has already started drumming up support to break previous records established to prove to the world that The Pearl of Africa is indeed the world’s top birding destinations.

Uganda has over 1.000 birds on the sighting books, both resident and migratory species and a significant number of the resident birds are endemic to the area where they are found. Bird watching safaris are among the most popular activities undertaken by visitors from around the world, apart from tracking the 14 primate species found in Uganda, the mountain gorillas, the chimpanzees, the golden monkeys and many more.

Nature Uganda is again working hand in hand with the Uganda Wildlife Authority which is expected to once more offer free entrance to the national parks and reserves under their management to participants of the Big Birding events as the organization benefits from updated bird sighting records and statistics, compiled every year by Nature Uganda after the event. Local and foreign registrations for participation can be made via Nature Uganda or by sending an email to info. Nature Uganda is also once again inviting sponsors to be part of this high profile conservation event.

For more information visit http://www.natureuganda.org and follow them on twitter via @natureuganda or their Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/natureuganda. More information about UWA can be accessed via their website http://www.ugandawildlife.org while country specific details are found on the Uganda Tourism Board website http://www.visituganda.com

Source: Wolfgang H Thome


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